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The industry may be stable the Denver District Headquarters District and District 15 of Farmers Insurance and more importanlt the CEO of the District Jared Seyl will kill for profit. People are irrelovant they just make things easier when they help break all codes of ethics. Jared Seyl and District 15 the Denver District Headquarters of Farmers are an incredibly unstable and hostile work environment. 75% Employee Turnover. In 5 months 6 out of 9 people at the Denver District Headquarters of Farmers Insurance quit, these are NOT sales positions they are District positions to support our Denver Farmers agents and staff. People don't quit jobs they quit managers. Jared Seyl and the Denver District headquarters of Farmers insurance lack of employee retention is directly because of Jared Seyl.... it is probably why there are so many books written on management, to prevent people like Jared Seyl leading others. One of the Denver District Headquarters of Farmers Insurance had worked for another Farmers District for 3 years, moved from St. Louis to Denver for what she thought was to work for “a top district” she lasted less than 5 months. If you are considering working for Jared Seyl and the Denver District Headquarters reach out to ex-employees to learn what the culture is truly like. Do no accept an offer at DDHQ or within the District if you have not done that, they will not tell you the truth.

At minimum ask about PTO and Benefits, there aren’t any. The group policy with Aetna for a single healthy individual costs 25-35 costs $651/month. They already underpay employees by 45% compared to market value. You pay insurance out of pocket, they don’t reimburse you. No PTO for the 1st 6 months (the avg tenure for employees), then 6+ Months 20 hours annually. It’s a sham of a company and District. The claim to care about there people, but it is overly obvious it's not about the people it's about the profit.

I work for the District I am deeply disturbed by some of the things I have seen... What they don't tell you:

•6% of employees who are given offers at the Denver District Headquarters of Farmers actually make it through licensing. You pay $500 for pre-licensing costs. The total out of pocket cost for a $28,000 job and the cost to get licensed is $1,000. Unfortunately, 94% of the time candidates never actually work for an agent and don’t make a single cent. The district aka Jared Seyl just "decided" to double the cost of licensing so they could make a profit on employee failure rates. The $500 goes to the District, they just doubled their profits the pre-licensing cost never changed. Don’t think for a second the Denver District 15 Manager cares about people he only cares about a bottom line and winning awards. The District profits off from your lack of success. THAT IS REVOLTING. It is a win for Jared Seyl and the Denver District 15 of Farmers either way. This is what Multi Level Marketing companies do, this is not where you want to work.

•And just because you pass licensing doesn't mean an agent will hire you. In fact I have seen many candidates pay the $500 just to have wasted it. And because tax laws have changed you can't take it off on your taxes, and they don't give the licensing cost back.

•If you are buying a book of business, costing anywhere from $100,000- $1 Million buyer beware if the District does not see certain numbers they will force that person to sell. I am currently replacing 3 of the 6 NEW agents from last year. Oh and those new agents who put major financial and time investments don't know they are being replaced, that's the best part. If you don't put up big numbers immediately Jared will force you out. Very unstable opportunity.

•They have been sued and are currently being sued for NOT PAYING EMPLOYEES. Want to get paid for your hard work, don’t work here. Just because you earned bonuses and commissions does not mean you will ever receive. They legally owe me $21,400 their employee contract says nothing about “good standing” or after you leave. So the company under labor law has to pay, not actually sure if they will. Not just it applies to everyone For example in the Protege employee contract if you don't hit their numbers they aren't required to pay your commissions. They intentionally set the protege goals high so they can get a loop hole in paying them. These agents don't have that much money. A $28,000 base salary while being the equivalent to minimum wage, is still considered too much for many agents and when you think about 1/2 the commissions go to the agent, if they can keep 100% versus 50% to pay their expenses they absolutely do it.

•Think about it…. If you offer substantially under paid salaries with theoretically high commissions or bonuses. And then magically never pay them they will just make it performance reasons. My team has over performed. And that is incredibly illegal. This is from the Colorado Department of Labor: Commissions are due at the time they are fully earned. At the time the employment relationship is severed, an employer need not pay, immediately, compensation not yet fully earned under a compensation agreement. But the implication is clear that such wages become immediately due at the time they are fully earned (Hofer v. Polly Little Realtors, 1975). Again such Illegal actions. I would not be shocked if this district went under in 3 years due a law suit.

*Note: Note this is from my experience working at the Denver District Headquarters District 15 and how it operates, I am sure many other agents and Districts do pay their Protege's employees properly.

•We only have 2 people in the Protege program, the program has been live for 1 1/2 years, we have lost 90% of our proteges. Top performers leave for brokerages that pay substantially more than we ever will and they can afford to.

•Since 2007 Colorado has had a 45% increase in Minimum Wage Increase. Have increased pay at all, definitely not. The agents can’t afford to keep up with Minimum Wage. You. Will. Make. More. At. Safeway. It’s not a question, it’s a fact. Which is disturbing because many qualified candidates based on their background should be agents. They don’t have the $25,000 in liquid assets so they are automatically put in the protégé program. $28,000 for 12 years of sales and management experience.

•Illegally classify everyone as non-exempt employees because they can’t afford to pay minimum wage. Literally that is so illegal it is ridiculous.

•Benefits None. No PTO for your 1st 6 months. Then 20 hours annually. 5+ Years you get 120 hours annually.

•The District Manager of District 15 loves Micromanagement and profits so expect to be written up regularly….. Why so when he gets a random mood swing (happens at least 3 out of 5 days a week) and either you quit or want to be fired he will be able to use it so you never get unemployment. One of the few tenured employees been with him for 7 years was written up for being 1 day late on releasing monthly news letter to the district. She was sick, I am shocked she even came to work throwing up all day. She was also moving that week. This district manager is cruel and callous even to the most tenured and loyal staff. It is an office run with FEAR constantly.

•Insurance as an industry will always pay in the bottom 25% of industries. Looking to move industries don't choose Farmers, I would not choose insurance personally. However if you are dead set on insurance State Farm has triple the budget and does pay twice as much.

• Looking for Growth this is not that. The District Manager who owns the District 100% there is no growth or moving up if you work here. It is a small company of 9 people. Growth is not an option besides would you want to grow with a District who puts aside morals for a bottom line even if there was growth. As an Agent there is also barely any opportunity for growth other than growing your book of business. They are consolidating districts and consolidating books of business. Good news Denver is not fully saturated; however, you will be an agent if you last past 3 years for the next 20 years.

•Glamour not that, most of these agents probably 1/2 financially struggle. 12 out of 38 Agents are selling in 2018. That tells you enough. Not all agents are selling because they want to, our District Manager loves forcing agents out. They will preach 85% retention that is so false it’s funny. Like I said the moment you walk in, only ½ of what you are told is even close to the truth.

•I genuinely like our agents a lot and feel bad because the district claims to support them, but with so much turn over we can't. We claim to do all recruiting for them, but when you go through 4 District Trainers and 7 District Recruiters in a year it is very difficult to support the agents like they need. Every single agent needs staff, we have offered 65 offers ytd (382% increase from 2017), 4 have completed licensing. Let's hope our new district trainer can get them through licensing.

Trust me don’t apply or work for any opportunity within District 15. Pay is not what is seems. They will do anything to take your money. Like I said I like our agents, if you want to work for an agent apply with them directly. We do have great agents some of them I can go on and on about how amazing they are. There are many agents I truly should be managing the District over our current district manager.

Jared Seyl is the reason Labor Laws exist.

#dddq #denverdistrictheadquartersoffarmersinsurance #farmersinsurancedenver #jaredseyl #Farmersinsurancedistrict15 #DenverFarmersinsurance #FarmersinsuranceDistrictheadquartersdenver #farmersinsuranceco #farmersdon't #laborlawviolator

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $21400.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Commercials.

I didn't like: Jared seyl, Denver district headquarters of farmers insurance, Ddhq, Violation of labor labors, Employee compensation.

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