Farmers Insurance Group Homeowners Policy Claim Reviews

Our home was burglarized while we watched the 4th of July fireworks.It is now Sept. 15th and we still don't have the broken window and/or door fixed. No adjuster has ever come to our home. We have a 150,000 policy on our contents and out of over $4000 taken (the door and window are another 1500) they sent us a check one week ago for $1900.00 without a list of the items they were "paying" for. We had one previous ice damage claim to them 8 years...
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I have the most worst experience when I file for homeowner insurance claim.I have never file any homeowner insurance claim for my primary residence. When I filed claim, I carefully confirmed every step that I need do with the insurance adjuster. At the end, Farmers insurance adjuster determined that the water damage in my home won't be covered. I hired a licensed plummer, who is the expert, he told me that all other insurance covers the water...
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I didn't like
  • Took advantage of my family
  • Agent attitude and service from company
  • Incorrect billing
My mother (88) and I had a serious fall about a year ago; the Farmers agent came out and approved the claim for my mother, however, her along with two other employees continued to deny my claim telling me as a tenant I was not covered by the home owner insurance policy. The 3-Hispanic claims reps treated me as if I was ***, they lied for over a year and sent me to different departments including to the Rental insurance department who told me...
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