In 2004 Eitan Davora from Farmers Insurance sold my 74-year-old Mother a home owners policy on her home in Oakley CA. She spent the next 14 years making payments to Farmers thinking she was protected.

On 4/26 this year, she was informed by Diablo Water that her water usage had skyrocketed. It was determined that a cold-water pipe embedded in the foundation had ruptured and water was spewing out under the home. The water service was shut off to prevent any further damage. I had her file a claim with her agents’ office and called a local plumber who has a good reputation in the neighborhood (Henson Plumbing Inc.).

The Plumber arrived, did a cursory inspection and confirmed that the noise we were hearing was water flowing out of a ruptured pipe in the vicinity of the bathrooms. He provided a quote and stated they were willing to start the repairs within two days. At this point we informed her agent about the quote and that the water was disconnected. Somewhere along the line the agent gave the claim to an adjuster who called and said that under no circumstance were we to authorize the plumber to start work before she could check the rupture herself.

Thinking this was a normal procedure, we agreed. That was when she stated that the earliest time she could be there was on 5/3. Keep in mind that Mom is 88 years old and has limited mobility and now has no water service. When 5/3 came around, the adjuster, Lynette Sartori, was there no more than 10 minutes before she stated that Farmers does not cover water pipes or foundations, apologized and then left.

After many phone calls to the agent’s office and the same number of refusals to assist, we contacted Henson Plumbing and requested them to make repairs without Farmers being involved. Unfortunately, we missed a service window and the repair work will not start until 5/9, a full 14 days since the water was disconnected. There are several things that happened here that I believe, shows how contemptible Farmers is. Number one is that I believe they sold a policy to a 74-year-old woman that was represented as protection for her home, but clearly was not.

Number two is the evidence that they were comfortable with leaving an elderly woman with no water service for 7 days before they denied any responsibility to assist. The word that comes to my mind is despicable. And just for fun we received a letter from Lynette Sartori the day after her visit thanking Mom for filing a claim. I think people should stay away from Farmer Insurance, they will not be there for you when you need them.

If you have a Farmers Home Owners Policy, take a look at it. When you read how inadequate it is, switch to a reputable insurance Company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Farmers Insurance Group Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Inadequate insurance policy not disclosed.

Monetary Loss: $7700.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Policy that was based on deception.

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Always read your insurance policy. Too many people think "everything" is covered.

It's more important to know what is not covered versus what is covered. Most insurance policies today are written on a "named peril" basis. The policy only pays for the named perils. Everything else is excluded.

Don't get mad at the insurance company because you didn't read your policy and assumed incorrectly. People must educate themselves to be better insurance consumers.


I am not sure how Farmer's determines coverage for an under the slab plumbing leak. However, most companies require water to get inside the house, not just being able to hear water leaks provide any coverage.

Then, if there is coverage for the claim, the damaged plumbing itself is not covered. What they will pay for is the cost to access the plumbing line and repairing the damage, such as wet carpet etc. Also, and any damage to the structure to access the plumbing. *** If the customer decides to re-route the plumbing line such as running a line in the attic, they will pay up to what it will cost to bust in and access in the floor.

This doesn’t mean they will cover the cost to re-route the entire plumbing system. Costs vary from area, but an average leak location and slab bust in runs from $1,200.

to $2,500.00. Again, the actual repair of the plumbing line or system itself is not covered in a case such as this.

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