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The local Farmers Insurance Company here in Pueblo, Colorado has sought public domain information and then photographed residences in order to put together a sales pitch to "connect on a personal level" with it's potential consumers. The document does in fact look personalized but they are playing to the emotions of the prospect customer. Lets dabble a little further:

1. Most people like to know that their privacy is secured and kept from the prying eyes of solicitors.

2. Some people are in the "do not contact" list provided by the Federal Trade Commission in order to stop soliciting e-mails and junk mail to the home.

3. Just about everyone doesn't want a stranger driving by their homes taking photographs of their houses.

I contacted these people and addressed this issue, they down played it as an innocent sales pitch and nothing serious and were "very sorry to have disturbed" my wife. They said that they were getting great feed back and business from people who liked the new technique and would benefit from my business as well. I was insulted.

I have filed with the FTC and wanted everyone to know that these people are seeking out public record, despite any effort to remain unsolicited by vendors and business at my home. It is wrong for any business to seek out a loop hole in consumer privacy. This ism borderline stalking!

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Looks like Farmers Ins. sent their Calvary to defend their antics. Google doesn't send you personal mail to your postbox, nor do they take photos by driving down the street and then tell you about your home.

Should I drive your street, taking photos of your home, and then send you a letter about "how great your house is." I am sure you would see it differently.

Go back to your cubical.

San Diego, California, United States #607319

Another pointless complaint. So drones don't bother you and neither does Google earth?

And so a company uses this as a marketing idea and it's "bad"? Post a real complaint of a company that really failed to do its job - not obtuse theories that really tell none of us if the company is good or bad - not because it sends you a photo.


I have seen this. I know that google uses it for mapping and "street view." but that is not what I am talking about. I am concerned about marketing attempts.


Punch your address into zillow and google earth

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