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Farmer Insurance is a organization of shysters. Here's why. Our son came to a Farmer Insurance office and bought an insurance policy for his car. The agent claimed to be with Farmer Insurance company for 15 years. It turned out the agent wrote a policy with inaccurate information about the vehicle and as a result, the premium turned out to be higher than he had quoted our son. With lack of experience in dealing with auto insurance, our son later learned he was cheated. But when he confronted the agent, he was given a run around. After lots of pain in making the agent to do the right thing, our son finally received a check from the agent. But the check bounced and the agent were no where to be found (the office was closed down permanently).

When we tried to contact the corporate head office, we learned that Farmer Insurance is only a proxy and there's no one in the corporate office could be held accountable. Many Farmer Insurance agencies are independently owned and operated. So if you have a problem with your policy and your local office is unwilling to help resolving the issue, you're really out of luck.

With our experience, we've now realized Farmer Insurance cannot be trusted and would be a waste of our money to get insured by a bunch of irresponsible and greedy shysters!

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Whether or not it was the agent is irrellivent, he was a REPRESENTATIVE for farmers insurance: so he isntepresenting the corporate and that would mean you.ultimately YES it is the corporates fault and responsibility b/c they approved him in the 1st place for him to open his own franchise to be his own agent for farmers insurance.

That MOST DEFINTELY goes back on you guys, and anyone working for farmers who did absolutely nothing about this.

if there is no security for your policies, then, YES that makes you ALL a bunch of shysters and you can't really argue otherwise.If you guys approved his request to be an agent, then you are responsible


Farmers Insurance is one of the most corrupt organization out there.I worked for thos cretinous yahoos for 10 years (10 years I'll never get back).

They cheat, they lie and thier claim department thrives on denying claims.

They actually give bonuses to claims reps that deny or underpay the most claims.Go to the Farmers Insurance Group Sucks website and see what customers,agents and employees say about it.


Like you said "Many Farmer Insurance agencies are independently owned and operated", well the truth is, ALL Farmers Agencys are independently owned.So Farmers did not cheat your son, his agent did.

This is the case with a lot of the major insurance companies.Seems to me that your mad about what 1 individual did and you are blaming the whole company.


because you ***, farmers insurance hired that *** to represent them. Its typical of Farmers to collect in write a bad policy then refuse to pay.


If the independent agent ripped your son off, why are you saying Farmer's Insurance is a bunch of shysters?

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