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Our home was burglarized while we watched the 4th of July fireworks. It is now Sept. 15th and we still don't have the broken window and/or door fixed. No adjuster has ever come to our home. We have a 150,000 policy on our contents and out of over $4000 taken (the door and window are another 1500) they sent us a check one week ago for $1900.00 without a list of the items they were "paying" for. We had one previous ice damage claim to them 8 years... Read more

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My wife was involved in an accident with a party who had Farmers insurance. This occurred inside her companies plant site, and was investigated by the internal Industrial Security personnel. The report that was submitted by the Industrial Security department found the Farmers insured vehicle to be totally at fault. But the Farmers representative determining liability refused to accept that. After six months of argument, they finally came down to... Read more

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I have the most worst experience when I file for homeowner insurance claim. I have never file any homeowner insurance claim for my primary residence. When I filed claim, I carefully confirmed every step that I need do with the insurance adjuster. At the end, Farmers insurance adjuster determined that the water damage in my home won't be covered. I hired a licensed plummer, who is the expert, he told me that all other insurance covers the water... Read more

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Heres the scenario.I was involved in a rear end collision which was 100% their insureds fault.My vehicle was totaled,my wife and I suffered neck injurys (soft tissue).Fortunately we did not need any emergency care.However,our necks suffered.My wife is feeling better but I'm stil having problems.Trying to do the right thing,I did not run up a bunch of medical bills.Long story short,they say my injury is only worth 1250 dollars.I explained to... Read more

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Why you do not want Farmers Ins. This starts off with someone who totalled out my front end of my car along with 2 other cars. Farmers Ins. was the insured person whom did the damage. After obtaining all information they received a fax of cost of damages to the vehicles , pictures were taken and sent to them within 2 weeks. A month later after calling them twice they say they have not heard from the other 2 parties. They did not know that I... Read more

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Farmers Insurance Group - Insurance
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Sneaky overcharge. Doesn't know anything about that. I went to pay my bill...ask him why I was charged 75$ when I make a payment online and my normal bill, which was 48.57 was now 75.57..his remark? " I wouldn't know anything about that". Tried to add my son to my policy...sneaky tactic...make me fix that and I have to go or call and tell them, after they used public records to do this that he is living somewhere else and has his own car and his... Read more

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I wanted to go paperless, they allowed but no way to change back..I wanted to pay online...they tried to take 75.59 when my payment was only 48.59..said they no nothing about it and went on with their day..when I asked they want to add people that use to use our address to receive mail to my policy and jack it higher..cancelling immediately...doesn't tell you unless you have an online account where you can find out about it...that is... Read more

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Farmers Insurance Group - Poor claim processing and customer service
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Last week an insured driver with Farmers Insurance mowed through my front lawn in his car destroying my kids swing set, landscaping and water fountain. I have submitted everything they requested in a timely manner and was assured from the door this would be handled right away. No one contacted me until I reached out to them three times and it was forwarded to the supervisor as well. Now that they have to cover the insurance the supervisor... Read more

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My mother (88) and I had a serious fall about a year ago; the Farmers agent came out and approved the claim for my mother, however, her along with two other employees continued to deny my claim telling me as a tenant I was not covered by the home owner insurance policy. The 3-Hispanic claims reps treated me as if I was ***, they lied for over a year and sent me to different departments including to the Rental insurance department who told me... Read more

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I am livid absolutely livid! I was in an accident in 2014, we were rear ended on the freeway by a speeding and distracted Dodge Ram driver , while we were stopped in traffic, he hit us at a speed of approx 55-65 mph . My new car was totaled , amazing we were not killed. We hit the car in front , a total of 4 cars involved . We passed out , taken by ambulance, no broken bones just concussion , back and neck injuries , out of work for over a... Read more

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